Being Active: What Sport Burns the Most Calories?

People around the world are crazy about sports, more in the sense of watching than playing them. However, what they don’t know is that getting themselves involved in any kind of sport activity will keep them active and fit. A lot of people think that they are overweight and hesitate from going out in the field and this is how they act as the enemy of their own health.

Today, we will find out how and why some sports help people lose the excessive fat on their body in the most effective way. Unlike tedious exercises, people can enjoy playing them and can easily undergo sporty activities on a regular basis. They can have some fun time with their friends, peers or even siblings while challenging and competing them.

We know to lose weight and stay in shape it is very important for us to lose some calories. Below is the list of some exciting sports that will burn the most calories per hours while effectively helping you to get to your fitness goals!


Image Source: The Japan Times

It is filled with fun and competition, swimming is the activity that will burn major calories whether it is summer or winter. Swimming for an hour can burn a significant number of calories per hour. Different muscles and body parts are affected by different strokes in swimming.

Talking about a swimming lap, it can burn from 600-900 calories per hour. This is why swimming is considered one of the best sports when it comes to burning calories. Keeping in view all these benefits, it is very important for to even get our children to learn swimming skills. It can make them active healthy and most of all help them fight obesity.


Image Source: The New York Time

Get your stopwatch ready and start running. Yes, it is a sport that will help you explore your boundaries and make you actually feel good about yourself, apart from burning calories. Let’s think about a running pace of 5 mph, it actually burns between 450 and 750 calories, depending upon the weight of a person. Running at a fast pace and with high intensity will help a person burn more calories in a shorter time.

In this sport you may or may not need a companion. It means that you can either run alone. However, you can also even run along with your friends, peers or siblings, taking them as your competition while turning it into a fun activity.

To keep a track on the number of calories being burned constantly while you are running, you can also keep a calories calculator with you. It is an effective way to keep yourself motivated towards running and it will also help you achieve the milestone you have set in terms of your health.


Image Source: University of Warwick

Here we are talking about a fast and intense sport. Yes, squash stands among the list of the sports that will help a person burn the most calories in an hour. The pace at which it is plays holds the answer to all our confusions.

It is undoubtedly a great form of exercise that can get about 820 or your calories burned in around 60 minutes. The harder you play, the more calories you burn, this is how it works in squash. You would need great stamina and strength to master the skills of playing squash and it becomes extremely fun once you learn it all.


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According to a survey, people can burn considerable number of calories during the 30 minutes of soccer game. Talking about the other sports such as tennis, squash and running, the rate at which the calories are burnt while playing soccer can be compared with all of them.

However, another thing that has to be kept in mind here is that the rate of you will burn calories during soccer greatly depends and may vary due to your position on the field. It is not that if the soccer game lasts for 90-minutes then you will be playing all the time. Sometimes, you are moving and sometimes you are not while keeping an eye on the ball to come your way.

In short, it can be said that the number of calories that you burn either more or less while playing soccer highly depend on the position and your role on the field. the position you play on the field. Let’s take a goal keeper for example, the rate at which he/she burn calories is lower than the other players on the field because of less movement.


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Hide your face or someone will punch you! Just kidding, it is not going to happen hear because you are not under a boxing ring. The sport of boxing is not only about punching and defensing, it is also about burning calories and a lot of it. You have to be highly active and vigilant to perform better on the boxing ring. You can burn between 500 and 800 calories per hour while playing boxing, depending on your weight and physical condition.

Burning calories with the help of sports is always fun!

Of course, what else could be more interesting for you than playing the sports you love as well as losing weight. If you are an active participant of any kind of sports especially the ones that are mentioned above and even others that require you to be fast, vigilant and intense involvement, then will surely be enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle while losing those extra calories on a regular basis.


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