Aimen’s Verdict – How to lose weight

As soon as I hit 35 I realized that my BMR ( basal metabolic rate) is not the same anymore. The same chappati/ roti and heavy meals which used to get easily digested and used , the same calories are now piling up on me. I was always fit in my childhood , a runner a sports enthusiast, but once my life style changed, so did my weight.

I have researching a lot on what I had changed that made me gain weight- lol not to mention there have been times I was so thin that I wanted to put in some weight. Since I’m on the other side of the spectrum now I’ve been trying to search how to loose weight. So for those who want to gain weight faster do the opposite of what I’m suggesting.
I’ve been researching on to go on a healthy diet for quite some time. You hear people trying out different methods and diets. Many of the friends swear by certain diets and exercise. So this is the Gist!
To those who want to reduce weight fast here is a short and easy guide to a healthy lifestyle.

1) Sleep on time : late nights fluctuates your hormone levels to store fat in abdominal area) 😉 found it on a gym notice board. So yes that means shut your screens early. Reducing screen times can improve your beta waves which aids you to sleep faster

2) Have Hot water with squeezed lemon 🍋 or 🍏 2Tbs Apple cider vinegar. This helps to start your digestion process , so the fats in your body are ready to be metabolised.

3) Juicing – I can write a thesis on this . For those who don’t know please follow the Juice masters club or Jason Vale and you’ll get to know all about it. with over million people swearing that Juicing is the best way to reduce weight and detox your body. I’ve also researched on the best Juicers which I’ll update you about. In order to preserve the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables masticating juicers are proffered overcentrifugal juicers.

4) Yoga 🧘‍♀️ Meditation- I’m sure this needs no introduction I’ll update you on the best Yogi’s to follow. If your not a yoga person. Meditate/ Pray it releases dopamine – relaxing hormone good for your well being.

5) Calorie intake – breakfast 🍳 /lunch 🥐🥯 / dinner – all those that I have asked and researched are either

A) Keto diet plan
B) Paleo diet ( Whole 30 diet) -😉 yes that’s a first!
C) protein diet  D) intermittent fasting  E) or to only reduce portion size.

I’m trying to do a mix match of all of these.
As long as you can reduce your carbohydrates and Sugar intake and eat healthy food. It’s only about changing ones habits and sticking to your will power ! For that I have Ramadan to do spiritual fasting-helps in motivation and Will

6) Excercise – Now before I start on that , let me tell you . I’m my life I never gained weight, but one thing that I have observed is ever since my lifestyle and work changed so did my habit and weight. I would say the biggest culprit to this are the smart phones, and if I had to do a research on this I would with the title ‘Smart phones a culprit to Obesity and reduced Immunity’ . To be honest right now , I had to force myself to stretch out of the Chair for a bit, because it took me 30 min to just write the article.
Sedentary lifestyle at home or work causes this. Ever-since the Covid pandemic – Corona lockdown has caused more obesity By forcing people to stay indoors. But there Every cloud has a silver lining- and that cloud ⛅️ in Uk has been Joe Wicks for us. He shows that even with a small space you can do so much with your body.

The best excercises are all but one that improves your core:

Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 🧎🏻‍♂️

Pilates 🤸🏻‍♀️Follow Kyla itness and Core Pilates

Cycling 🚴‍♀️ Or cardio F30 cross cycling

Running- I don’t know about others but you can actually feel the fat burning.

The  best coach so far Is Kyla Itness – she even has a meal plan and would improve your skin. Talking about Skin and anti aging I will update another article on that. however all these things are a precursor to a better health, organs and your skin which is the biggest organ in the body.

7) Drink lots and lots of Water 💧 💦

This should be ranked 1st – As water is used for the metabolism in our body in many ways , hydration can improve mood (reduce anger/ frustration), reduce headaches and hunger. Signals for thirst , mimic triggers of hunger  and many people confuse it and instead of having a glass of water , do some snacking and binging. So next time you feel hungry after having food , it’s thirst not hunger!

Ok now… So long Amigos! – now that has been enough sitting for me , need to hit the kitchen for a healthy breakfast without bread 🍞 as it contains gluten. many people have found that Gluten is the biggest reason for sensitive skin , diabetes and increased weight.

Would love to share more of my knowledge with you in future articles.

What do you think?

Written by aimen