Ignore the White House and Trump’s allies in the media. Monday was a catastrophic day for the Trump administration. To wit:

1) The man who ran Trump’s campaign for months has been indicted on extremely serious charges. There is almost NO ONE as close to the candidate as a campaign manager – they are the chief strategist, psychologist, enforcer, etc. It’s a CEO/CFO/COO/etc all wrapped into one. And for a significant chunk of time, this crucial job for Trump was occupied by a likely felon, whose illicit deeds were often on behalf of a foreign enemy of the United States. Also, this guy was the #1 supporter for Pence as VP, overriding nearly all other advisors which shows 1) how much power he had and 2) that his stain could easily rub off on the VP as well. Remember Pence is no Gerald Ford – he has been an inner circle participant on Team Trump since he joined as VP.

2) One of the indicted has not only flipped but was also likely wearing a wire, again for months. This guy had access to the entire campaign, and repeated contact with key officials like Jeff Sessions and perhaps even Trump himself. Who said what to him? What documents has he collected and turned over? Keep in mind, that unless he gave the feds some extremely valuable stuff, they never would have let him cut a deal.

3) This caught Trump and his team by surprise. George Papadopolous was arrested, flipped, and sent back into Trumpworld without ANYONE being the wiser. Can you conceive of how terrifying that is for people, even those who tried to stay on the right side of the law? They have ZERO idea what Mueller’s team has on them. Zilch. If you’ve ever been on Team Trump, this entire morning was just you waking up, bound to some weird medieval metal device, and hearing Jigsaw’s voice come over a speaker, “I want to play a game…”

4) What Mueller’s spokesperson has let out if that this is only the beginning. If the ‘beginning’ is the former campaign chief, his business partner (who remained a key Trump advisor for at least a year after Manafort ‘left’), and a key foreign policy advisor who is already talking, what do you think the ‘end’ looks like?

Time will tell, but there is no sane person right now in America who wishes they were ever on Trump’s merry band of morons.

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What do you think?

Written by davidkgoldstein