8 Famous Band Members Who Went Solo

Every now and then we hear news about those singers or musicians who leave or join a particular band. It cannot be denied that being a part of a band can be tough for most of the people as sometimes they have to compromise on their decision by just following whatever majority members think is right.

Taking about the scenarios of professional life of a band, a lot of activities take place like composing and recording songs, visiting places and spending days with the exact same places. Disagreement is a natural thing that sometimes occurs just because of the difference in opinions. Mostly these are the facts that lead an artist to choose a way of their own. We have compiled a few names that are quite popular and most probably your favorite band members who are now being producing magical singles as solo artists.

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Let’s talk about Beyonce first who has undoubtedly become a highly famous singing diva. She has millions of followers across the globe and has produced countless famous jams alone or sometimes by featuring some of the most famous singers and musicians in her songs. According to a report released in June 2016, Beyonce has sold 17.2 million albums as a solo artist and of course another 17 million when she was a part of a band called Destiny’s Child.

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland is another band member of Destiny’s Child who became extremely famous in her solo career. After the split up of the band in 2001, Kelly Rowland produced four albums and a number of hit singles that made her immensely popular. Her song ‘Dilemma’ featuring Nelly was adored by almost every music loving soul on earth. Having the talent of acting, she has also appeared in a few Hollywood movies while exhibiting her flawless acting skills.

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Zayn Malik

He is a singer who needs no introduction as he was the lead artist of an incredibly famous band known as One Direction. Though after five years of leading the band, he left it on March 25, 2015 and started on with his own career as a solo artist. Up till now Zayn Malik has produced countless hits as more than two years have passed since he left the band. His fans still adore him and his following keeps on increasing with each passing day.

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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake started his career as one of the two lead singers of a band called ‘The Boy Band’ (1995-2002). After the band was split, Justin Timber got his chance to grow as an individual singer and in the same year, he came out with his debut album ‘Justified’ that got extremely famous. Marking his personality with a unique still of singing and performing, he has a large number of fans following around the world. He has always been found experimenting as he has also acted in a few movies, making his place in Hollywood as well.

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Ann Ferguson, aka Fergie, is a former member of the very famous band known as ‘The Black Eyed Peas’. She remained the lead vocalist of the band for a long time but she hasn’t been recording any new music from more than five years now while paying attention on her career as a solo artist. Answering the rumors about Fergie departure from The Black Eyed Peas, – the founding member of the group – has said that she has her own priorities in her life and that she has not left the group. Whatever may be the reason but it cannot change the fact that Fergie has not performed with the band from quite a lot of time.

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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has been a part of Jonas Brothers, a group that was extremely popular in teens. Despite being the youngest brother, he was the one who created the group. Due to their regular appearance on Disney Television Network, the band gained a lot of popularity among young people. Nick Jonas decided to pursue his solo career after they put an end to the Jonas Brothers in the year 2013. In 2014, Nick has also released his own album and now he is creating his own singles in his incredibly tuneful voice.

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Robbie William

Robbie William has been an incredibly popular figure from decades. He has been a part of the band called ‘Take That’ in two different stages of his life, first from 1990-1995 and then from 2004-2009. Afterwards he has started pursuing his professional career as a solo artist and has produced a number of jams that appeared in many top charts. William has toured a lot of countries and showed off his singing talent almost everywhere. He has also reportedly being suffering from some mysterious illness that has already caused delays in his planned performances at different places. No wonder Robbie William has gained astounding popularity with his amazing voice.

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Camila Cabello

A singer and songwriter belonging to Cuba, Camila Cabello has been a part of a highly popular girls’ band known as Fifth Harmony until late 2016. Together the girls have come up with one EP and a few studio albums. After leaving the group, Camila is being busy shaping up her career while pursuinig her dreams as a solo artists. She has collaborated with other famous singers and produced some of the hottest jams that also made their place in Billboard Hot 100s. She has an amazing singing talent and she is already being followed by hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans on multiple online and social platforms.

Now performing as solo artists, they all have become way more successful

Though whatever may be the reason for a particular member to take a departure from their music band, all of the above-mentioned artists are doing extremely well after going solo as they are effectively equipped with every skill that is needed in the field of stardom to acquire success.

However, there are also some singers who have not done so well after getting separated from the music bands, but those cases are not to be discussed at the moment as here we have only highlighted the success stories of widely loved singers.


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