7 Fashion Apps That You Need to Download Now

Fashion has been one of the most prominent part of our society since ages. With social media, everything is now literally at hand. Be it shopping online, organizing your closet, fashion tips or checking out trends, these apps are bound to get the fashionista out of you.

Let’s talk more about these Fashion Apps!

Stylebook App

Stylebook has been designed to help you sort your wardrobe virtually. Planning on what to wear everyday becomes a nuisance, thus with its calendar feature you can mix and match the clothes, bags and shoes you own. Now you can easily plan and keep track of what you’re wearing in the whole month.

Plus, you get trace your style icons and get inspiration from these trend-setters. Create packing lists and get expert styling tips, everything under one umbrella. With these features, this app also allows you access to shop from thousands of your favorite retailers. Be ready to bring your wardrobe to life.

Like to know it App


Ever thought looking at your favorite celebrities or inspiring fashion bloggers, where did they get that particular outfit from? Well, like to know it app is all about meeting your fashion demands. This app allows you to directly shop the looks, outfits, household items or anything you have set your eyes on.

Simply download the app first, then take screenshots in Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat or whichever platform you’ve discovered your interest in. Put the screenshots up on the app and shop for products featured in your screenshot. Yes, it is that easy! Also, explore for more ready-to-shop products.

Tradesy App

Source: Pinterest

The Tradesy app deals in buying and selling both. So, it’s a win-win situation for you. Basically, it helps you sell anything from bags to accessories and shoes to clothing, it only allows a sale of 100% authentic designer fashion. Sell anything in great condition and they will make the image look stunning.

Take pictures of the commodity you want to sell, price it and list it up on the app’s market place. As soon as you make a sale, Tradesy sends you a free shipping kit to deliver your commodity out. Takes 9% commission, rest of the payment is given to you in the form of Tradesy cash.

This Tradesy cash can in turn be used to buy designer items from the app. Buying and selling was never this stress-free before.

Spring App


If you are the kind of person who likes to shop peacefully and uncrowded, Spring App is a must have! This app provides you with the calm and convenience you’re looking for. Directly buy the products you like from your favorite brands in just a single-cart experience!

Spring App is a digital shopping escapade, it stocks over 1500+ brands, with hundreds joining every week. All you have to do to shop is click on what you love. They offer free shipping. App allows you to explore new brands, follow the ones you like and get notifications of their sales and new collections.

PS Dept. App

There are many apps that allow you to shop online but PS Dept takes convenience one step further. Who knew that your tablet or your phone could become your personal shopper? It most definitely is now, just type in your fashion request into the app and an actual human stylist will answer your query.

These stylists answer by hooking into the back-end systems of the brand. This allows you ask questions on availability, price and even purchase and receiving an answer there and then. Once you have made a purchase, they’ll handle the delivery and returns. You can add gratuity if you wish to.

Keep Shopping App


Keep Shopping is bringing a smart revolution in the way women shop and search for products online. It stores products in fashion, home décor, accessories and design. Keep’s community brings together the best products from all e-commerce into a delightful display.

You can explore the app and look through all the hand-picked items by other Keep users. You can also follow your most liked ‘Keepers’ and get their ideas directly on your news feed. Whichever ones you need can be bought on the spot, while others can be saved in collections on your inspirational boards.

Stitch Fix App

Stitch Fix is the personal stylist you have been looking for! It basically is a style service for men and women, where your tastes, lifestyle and needs are taken care of. Too busy to go shopping? You would fall in love with this app because it brings outfits to you!

The first step is to fill out a style profile to help them determine what kind of outfits you would like best. Whenever you want your Stitch Fix Delivery, they send you this box of hand-picked outfits from your personal stylist. From that box you only pay for the items you keep, with free delivery and returns.

All these apps are distinctively different from each other but equally useful. Catering to all your fashion needs and bringing you absolute convenience, now you know why you unquestionably need these apps.


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