7 Best Street Food Destinations Around the World

People love traveling, especially if a destination they are visiting has breathtaking natural views, great hospitality and most important of all street food.

The love of Street Food

So, why are people so crazy about street food? Well, it is the road side feel, the upclose experience of the hustle and bustle of city streets and the burst of flavors; what not to love about street food. Many tourists visit different cities around the world because they are so fond of the food that is served on their streets.

The rise of Street Food Vlogging

Source: YouTube (Mark Wiens & Trevor James)

These days a lot of people among us watch street food vlogs. The Food Ranger and Mark Wiens are some of the most famous street food vloggers. They have a lot of followers around the world. Personally, I follow them too 😉

Coming back to the topic, these types of videos and content shared on YouTube help a lot of people to decide which destination to visit in order to enjoy amazing street food.

Seven Destinations Around the World That Offer the Best Street Food


Turkey offers you a mix of culture. This fact clearly explains the blend of eastern and western flavors. It is as scrumptious as it sounds. A lot of these flavors and spices belong to the streets.

Istanbul is the city visited by a huge number of tourists each year. The streets of this city offer you the most vibrant flavors, where people enjoy it while gazing at the mesmerizing architecture.




Oh yes, if you have never been to India, you are missing out a lot in your life. It has been largely populated by the people who eat veg and non-veg. It means you are going to find a tantalizing mix of flavors right at the streets of India

The cities you should be visiting the most to find the best street foods are Delhi and Mumbai. Here you are going to see all your food fantasies coming to reality. The streets of Mumbai are more about the masalas with delightful mix of veg and non-veg dishes.

On the other hand, Delhi reminds you of the old times. With the Mughal architecture and sites, plus the street food there is also inspired by the royalty of the emperors who ruled India once.


Source: Flickr

Who could forget Thailand when talking about street food destination? Bangkok is considered a paradise for foodies who are on a hunt of delicious street food with tantalizing flavors. Thai food is loved by all and it is easily available on the street of Bangkok in a variety of dishes.

A lot of people visit Bangkok every year and explore its streets to find the flavors they are looking for. All those rice dishes, curries, sea food and desserts will make you fall in love with Thailand again and again.


Source: Francis Tapon

Our journey of highlighting the best street food destinations around the world still continues and it includes a lot more destinations that will amaze you. Now, we have landed in Morocco and just by mentioning its name, you could get an idea of the diverseness of food and culture this country has to offer to the people visiting it.

It has all those old alleys and streets, where you can sit all day and wonder how might have built them. Your trip is incomplete without roaming at the streets of Marrakesh while looking for all those flavors that spice up all the aura around you.

Tongue tingling Moroccan delicacies paired with Harira soup are going to make your day super awesome. Don’t forget to finish off your eating session with a cup of Moroccan Mint tea, a refreshing way to wash down all your meal.


Source: Honolulu Magazine

Hawaii island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has the mesmerizing beaches and breathtaking mountains. Plus, the one thing that it has is a lot of delicious street food.

Honolulu is the city where you can find a delightful mix of local traditions with the culinary preferences and tastes of the migrants. It is as vibrant as any other city in terms of street food. So, this city should be in your bucket list when you are planning to take a street food tour.


Source: Dawn

Pakistan is the country with diverse culture and traditions. This country also offers food inspired by Mughal Emperors. Although, all the regions of the country have their specialty but Karachi and Lahore are the two cities you should be visiting to enjoy street food.

For the people who are more into spices, they should be visiting Karachi. Biryani, Haleem, Chicken Tikka and a lot of other local delicacies will spice up your day unlike anything.

On the other hand, there is Lahore. It is where you can find food that has less spices and more taste. Nihari, Paya, Hareesa and many other dishes can be easily found on the streets of Lahore. We know you are drooling already but we still have one more destination to go.


Source: Good Food

If you are wondering that Egypt has only pyramids, you better think again. Cairo has one of the most flavorful street foods in the world. You can never stay empty stomach if you are on the streets of this city.

All those flavors will drag you towards them and you will end up with a plate full of some local delicacy. The streets of Cairo also offer you the best of its local food including Shawarma and Falafel. So, to which one of these destinations are you flying next?


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