5 Upcoming Sports Video Games to Be Excited For

The gaming industry has grown to a size where it is larger than the music and movie industries combined. Yes, the video game market is bigger than Hollywood. Although they appeal to a specific audience, video games are still the talk of the town. This craze has led many leading sports bodies to launch their own official versions for the avid gamer. And what a success it has been.

With FIFA 20 just out and winning hearts across the globe, we look at some other highly anticipated games that will be out in late 2019 or 2020. Here’s a list of upcoming sports games you should be excited about:

Football Manager 2020

After FIFA, Football Manager is one of the most preferred games for soccer enthusiasts. Football Manager 2020 is the sixteenth instalment in the series by Sports Interactive Studios. The game is loved by fans who love to not only play football but also work behind the scenes, creating strategies for their team, deciding formations and tactics for each game, ultimately taking their team to the top.

The game is expected to come out in November 2019.


This game is for the skating enthusiasts. Session is the first iteration for the game coming out in 2020. Coming from Creature Studios it allows players to perform gravity-defying stunts resembling the famous X-Games. All these are presented in high-quality graphics using some of the most sophisticated tools available on the market.

WWE 2K20

The World Wrestling Entertainment is a name we are all familiar with. Most of the generation that enjoys video games has grown up watching stars like The Rock, John Cena, Triple H and the like. Over the years WWE has expanded with new rosters and other features like NXT. The WWE 2K20 games features all these additions with improvements in the performance and visuals department as well.

The game is set to release on October 22nd, 2019.

NBA Live 20

Basketball is one of the most loved sports in America and in other places around the world too. Steph Curry, Lebron James and James Harden with their high-flying dunks and adrenaline-charged plays have become household names over the years. With NBA Live 20 from EA Sports, gamers have the ability to step in the shoes of their most loved players and recreate those amazing moves that they do.

NBA Live 20 is a simulator series slated for release in December 2019.

Skate 4

If you are a skateboarder or want to be one, Skate 4 is the game for you. It is the fourth instalment in the series and works as a simulator where players can challenge themselves to skateboarding like they’ve never done before. Skate 4 comes from EA so there is little doubt that it going to disappoint. The Skate series has become quite popular since its release in 2007.

Video games are a source of entertainment for those with a zeal for it. Even adults sometimes feel the urge to revisit the good old days when the original PS or PS2 was out. With these upcoming sports games, everyone has something to be excited for. 

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Written by Spencer K