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5 Reasons Why I Believe Cricket Is The Most Watched Sport Of All Times

A sport is not just an activity, it’s considered to be a religion in many regions. Cricket has won the hearts of many people all around the world especially in the Asian continent and has gained a lot of popularity through these years.      

Cricket is not just about a match played in a stadium, it’s more than that. People from all races come and sit together and enjoy the match, support their favorite teams and indulge in fun-filled after-party conversations.

Cricket has bought in a lot of progress and healthy culture in many regions. It brings together many people and promotes solidarity. It is one of the most influential sports of all times and most of the people are fully aware of how this sport is played.

The way Cricket has made its name and has engaged people with such a strong connection, it surely makes me believe that it is the most watched sport of all times. It is one of the reasons to bring in hope and build strong relationships between conflicting countries.

Builds strong relationships

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Cricket brings in strong relationships as people gather together and get entertained in the stadium with the match. It also gives people a huge topic for discussion for ages! It is a great way to establish strong relationships between the countries and people from all the religions and races.

If we talk about the life outside the stadium, even families gather together and watch the semi-finals and finals of the match together. It spreads a lot of love as even between these small little fights and disagreements in match discussions, it also brings in a strong base for healthy relationships.

A source of something exciting

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Whenever there is any cricket series about to begin, it brings in an intense wave amongst the fans. This is where things get exciting as to who’s going to win this time or who’s going to compete to a certain level?

These types of assumptions and potential discussions bring in so much enthusiasm amongst the crowd. People get way too excited and start booking their tickets! There are some countries who declare holidays on important matches so that people can relish the game.

There are a lot of countries where there are no places to hang out as such or enjoy any activities with families. In that case, cricket helps in building up a source where a lot of people can enjoy altogether.


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The sports itself has gained a lot of popularity as it is one of the most well renowned competitive game. Due to its popularity, it’s famous amongst all ages, call it the millennial, kids, or people from the old age, this sport has progressed so much that it has gained a lot of familiarities.

 Comparatively, there is a lot of investment in these sports only because of the way people follow this sports and how much time they invest in it. Due to its increasing popularity, almost each and every team has its own national team which is also the main reason for its prevalence.

Parades a lot of talent

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The way cricket industry is growing, it automatically brings up a lot of hidden talent in the country. The chairman board hunts down the best players who are away from the limelight and gives them a chance to unleash their hidden talent and skills.

The way they are bringing up the hidden talent to play in the national and international teams, this also is building up a lot of enthusiasm amongst the crowd as they get excited when they say a new talent coming up and performing for their team.

It is also the most watched sport according to me as it also brings up loads of opportunities for people from different disciplines. It also creates a sense of independence, unity, and immense love for their country.

Cricket played on home grounds

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Cricket is a sport which is played in almost all the countries, which automatically means that a huge crowd is expected to enjoy this game as if a match is hosted by a specific country; a lot of publicity is going to join the game as cricket is promoted.

This helps cricket to get promoted on a bigger level, helps in increasing revenue, and then automatically makes cricket the choice of every generation. Most of the people prefer to watch it on their screens and so they plan gatherings and enjoy the match.

A lot of popularity is gained by this hence cricket is not just a sport; it is religiously followed by everybody and has a lot of fan base. These are the reasons why I believe it is the most followed sport.



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