5 of the Best Carry-On Luggage You Can Find on Amazon

Carrying luggage is one of the most challenging parts of travelling. While the primary bags get checked-in and you only have to worry about them at the end of the flight, a carry-on is with you at all times. The need for a convenient carry on is felt most when you have a long haul flight or just one that has several layovers along the way.

Selecting a carry-on can be a hassle in itself so we went ahead and shortlisted a few appealing options that provide feasibility and aesthetics at the same time. Here are some of the best carry-ons you can find on Amazon:

1.   It Luggage Megalite Fascia

This 21.5-inch trolley bag comes with spinning wheels. These 360o are becoming a vital part of all carry on luggage because it eliminates the process of having to carry the bag anywhere. The It luggage is available in 5 different colors on Amazon and costs just $64.99. The bag has a shape that allows for maximum capacity storage and the materials are carefully picked to resist wear and tear for a considerable amount of time.

2.   Eagle Creek Expanse

If you are looking for something with more style points than the It luggage, try the Eagle Creek Expanse. It is shaped like a traditional two-strap backup but has under-carriage wheels to get rid of the need to carry it on your shoulders. Available in four cool colors, the bag costs between $189 and $199 based on prices from different sellers on Amazon. It has lockable self-repairing zippers as well as 2195 cubic inches of space. The wheels are treaded to offer more functionality over rough surfaces.

3.   Lucas Outlander

Built for ABS material, the Lucas Outlander has a conventional design but offers some amazing features for its price. It is built from high-quality materials that resist temperature fluctuations, natural elements and damage to stored items because of impact. It complies with standard overhead compartment dimensions and weighs just 6.5 pounds. Also, it has 20-inch storage and is available in four colors and two designs. The Lucas Outlander costs $59.99.

4.   Eagle Creek Expanse Convertible

Another iteration of the Eagle Creek Expanse collection is the Convertible 21 inch carry on. It can also serve as a back-pack for those who still feel comfortable carrying it on their shoulders rather than using the wheels. The dimensions of the bag are 21.25” x 13.75” x 8.0”. It weighs 6.1 pounds and has 1830 cubic inches of space. The outer material is Bi-Tech Armor fabric which offers superior resistance against damage and other harmful elements. It is available on Amazon for as low as $111.58.

5.   It Luggage Proteus

Somehow, all the leading carry-ons keep coming from the same brand. Another addition to the list from It, is a larger 31.7-inch hard side carry-on. Shipping with a 10-year warranty and combination TSA lock, the bag is amazing if you have a little more to take with you on the flight. There are no colors available except the Twilight Blue but the bag has expandable compartments for added storage. Check it out on Amazon here.

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