5 Musicians with the Highest Net Worth

Celebrity net worth figures excite yet intimidate many of us. For some, they are inspiring. Every reason to follow your passions because when you love what you do, wealth and success is just a matter of time. Forbes reports annual earnings of celebrities regularly. The list is usually a hundred names long with some staggering numbers next to many familiar faces.

What Forbes doesn’t do though is report estimated net worth’s of our favorite celebrities, singers in particular. Jay-Z recently made headlines when he became the first hip-hop artist in the world to accumulate a net worth of $1 billion and it got us thinking. Who are the musicians with the highest net worth in the world? Here’s the top five:

5. Herb Alpert

Herb rose to fame as part of the Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass band. Herb is a jazz musician but he not known for his voice as much as he is for his composing. The evergreen disco classic ‘Rise’ was his creation/ Ever since then he has gone on to win nine Grammy awards and managed to get five number one albums. Currently, his net worth is close to $850 million.

4. Diddy

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs or Diddy as he is commonly known, is the fifth entry on the list. With an approximate net worth of $855 million, he is one of the most successful singers in the world. However, his earnings don’t necessarily come from his vocals. Like several other celebrities, Diddy has made some impressive investments which have contributed to his massive fortune. Sean has a clothing line, fragrance, a label that produces other artists and he is also a host on Making The Band.

3. Jay-Z

Much like Sean Combs, Jay-Z and his enormous net worth comes from a variety of sources. His music portfolio alone is worth $75 million which seems paltry compared to his $1 billion value. Jay-Z has sold more than 100 million albums around the globe and won nineteen Grammy’s as a result. With hits like Where I’m From and Dead Presidents II coupled with shares in companies like Uber as well as his own ventures, Jay-Z is on track to claim the number one spot on this list soon.

2. Paul McCartney

Number two on the list is the icon, the legend, Paul McCartney himself. Once a crucial part of the Beatles, on the most cherished bands of the 20th century, Paul is now a solo act. Over the course of his career, he has done everything from composing to acting and directing too. Today, he sits at a net worth of almost $1.2 billion.

1. Andrew Lloyd Weber

It may come as a surprise to many, but the person at the top of the list is not a singer at all. Andrew is a UK-born composer who has captured the hearts and minds of generations. His tunes still continue to work wonders on anyone who listens to them. With musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats to his name, he continues to add to his portfolio and his $1.28 billion net worth.

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Written by Spencer K