12 Fall Wardrobe Essentials Everyone Should Have

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to analyze your closet and make sure you’re ready for the approaching season. I have put together a list of fall wardrobe essentials that I think every woman needs in their closet. Feel free to adjust your own style based on your aesthetic or climate where you live. 

My top fall wardrobe essentials to have this fall:

1. Boots

Boots in my opinion, are a staple for fall and definitely top on my list of fall wardrobe essentials. Ranging from tall to ankle length, they are nice to have as they can provide an extra layer of warmth. So if fall in your area ranges on the colder side, consider getting longer, or over the knee boots to keep your legs warm. 

Shorter boots with heels can also add an edge to your look, and are a more comfortable option instead of heels when it comes to the change in weather. With so many patterns of boots available these days, ranging from suede and leather to animal print, you really can’t go wrong with having a couple of pairs to style up your look. 

Shop my favorite styles of boots below:

2. Rain Boots 

Continuing on the topic of boots, rain boots are a must have for the fall season as typically this time of year brings more rain with it. The last thing you would want is to have your nice, expensive suede boots destroyed by the water, so definitely invest in a good pair of rain boots for this coming fall season. 

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3. Base Layers

Another great item to have in your closet this fall is base layers. That includes anything from tshirts, tank tops to camis. Basically anything that you can layer and wear under sweaters or light jackets because as the cooler weather arrives, you will most likely be wearing cardigans and outerwear so it’s good to have pieces you can wear underneath them.

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4. Outerwear 

I love outerwear when it comes to fall season, that’s why it’s definitely one of the top ones on my list of fall wardrobe essentials. For those chilly morning’s nothing is easier than throwing on a leather or denim jacket to complete your outfit and then taking it off later in the day if the weather gets warmer. There are so many types of light jackets and cardigans available on the market today that you’re sure to find something that fits your style. 

Some of my favorite outerwear pieces include:

5. Tights

Tights are a great piece to have in your closet during fall, as you can use them to transition your summer clothing into fall. For those days where it’s too cold to wear a mini skirt or short dress on its own, pair them with some tights so your legs don’t get cold. 

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6. Vest

Vests are another great piece to have for transitioning into fall. Pair them with some base layers underneath, and you’re sure to stay warm on those chilly days. Plus, they’re not as bulky as regular jackets, making them a must have in your closet. 

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7. Scarves

A great way to accessorize in the fall time is by using scarves. With the colder weather, you may not be inclined to wear jewellery, so scarves are a great way to spice up your outfit or look. Plus, they also help to keep you warm, so you can’t go wrong with having a few basic scarves in your closet. 

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8. Beanie

Beanies are another way you can accessorize during fall. They’re also perfect for those days where your hair isn’t cooperating, and anything that provides you with more warmth is always a plus for me. 

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9. Turtle Neck 

Nothing says chic like a nice turtleneck. These are great to have during the colder season as they do a great job at keeping you warm. Pair them with some outerwear or rock them on their own. 

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10. Poncho

Poncho’s are a great way to spice up your closet, especially if you’re into the boho look. Different from the traditional sweater, ponchos are a combination of a blanket scarf and a sweater in one. They are extremely comfy and do a great job at keeping you warm. 

Shop my favorite ponchos:

11. Fall Dresses 

If you’re a dress person, I’d definitely recommend having some dresses for the fall season. Ones that have long sleeves and go down to your ankles are best, otherwise you can always wear them with tights if it’s too cold. Sweater dresses are another option, they’re not as flowy, but are definitely much warmer than traditional dresses. 

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12. Chunky Knits 

Sweaters are definitely one of my favorite items to buy when the fall season rolls in. They’re perfect to keep you warm on chilly days and very comfy. They’re my go-to when deciding what to wear as they always look good paired with jeans and boots. 

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