10 Terrifying Horror Movies You Should Never Watch Alone

Watching a horror movie is just as exciting as going to a haunted house or taking a ride on roller coaster for some people. According to a research, the lighter side of experiencing the feeling of fear is usually enjoyed and desired by people in general.

However not everyone enjoys the feeling of being scared but it is the suspense of seeing something unusual and out-of-this-world on their screen that keeps their eyes glued to the screen even if they are not taking any pleasure out of it. It is the thing that make horror category one of the most successful genres in movies.

Depending on the level of scariness, suspense and violence, we have list down the names of some movies that you should have on your watchlist but never dare to watch them alone because they are super scary, have a look!

The Possession (1982)

It all starts when the Montelli family move in to their newly bought house located in the Long Island suburb of Amityville. As shown in the movie, the house carries some kind of curse and strange events begin to occur.

Followed by the unexplainable happenings the presence of mysterious ghostly figures and demons has been shown as they make things unbearable for the new residents of the house. A lot of gruesome and disturbing events are shown further in the movie.

The Ring (2002)

Here we are taking about urban legend (as they have shown in the movie). The creepy women with dark black hair that comes out of a video and takes a soul in to her curse. The chain of spooky event starts after watching that cursed videotape filled where the person who is affected, experiences the flashes of some dark memories that aren’t even their and then they receive a phone call from where they get know their exact death date. The overall concept of the movie has been kept quite interesting and scary.

The Exorcist (1973)

By seeing the revenue this movie has generated after its release in the 1970s, it is considered as one of the most successful horror movies in history. It tells us the tale of an exorcism of Regan, a young girl who gets possessed by a demonic spirit and start to sound like evil and demonstrate strange acts that contradict her personality.

She has also been shown levitating and speaking language that she never has spoken. The only guardian of her shown in the movie is her mother who gets extremely terrified upon watching her child in such a condition. When the things turn deadly, the church then sends in an expert priest to take care of the situation.

Ju-on: The Grudge (2004)

Who doesn’t want to watch one of the creepiest movies made in the 21st century. Yes, we are talking about The Grudge which is the American version of Ju-on, the horror film which was released originally in Japan.

It is this movie that revolves around the vengeance of the curse that according to the story was created when the Japanese women who practiced black magic was brutally killed by her husband along with her son and after killing them both he also committed suicide.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13th is a horror movie based on the mysteries hidden in the history of Crystal Lake. As shown in the movie, the counselors being unafraid of whatever the stories they have heard about the area, they organize a summer camp in the woodsy area.

They don’t pay attention to the warnings by the local people about the mysterious deaths in the area until the young group of friends who are a part of the summer camp found themselves being watched, tortured and killed by a ghostly serial killer.

Don’t Breathe (2016)

Well, the main characters in this movie are the three Detroit thieves who have made it a habitual thing of robbing the wealth of rich people by sneaking into their house like intruders when they are out or asleep.

However, things take a drastic turn when they plan to rob the blind old man as they have heard that he has got a lot of cash stashed at his home. The only thing they don’t know is that stealing the money from this blind man will cost them their lives. The movie is packed with action, suspense and a lot of thrill.

Silent House (2011)

This movie is usually based on the three main characters including a young girl along with her father and Uncle. The three are shown busy renovating their old family house. As the house has been vacant from quite a lot of time, it has been shown that there is no electricity and the lanterns powered by battery are used to walk around the house at night. With the feel of isolation from the outside world, the girl starts to experience the never-ending terror as the situation starts to get worse.

Quarantine (2008)

It is another terrifying thriller that is surely going to give you goose bumps. In the movie, Reporter Angela and her cameraman Scott are shown covering a story on the firefighters who work night shifts in the city. Things start to get interesting when they get a distress call in the late hours of the night that comes from an apartment building some blocks away.

Being unaware for what has been waiting for them at their destination they get fascinated the way firefighters respond to an emergency. The movie has got countless horrific scenes with a lot of blood shedding, terror and violence.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

The name ‘Jeepers Creepers’ has been inspired by a 1938 song and we see that this song has also been played in the background in some scenes when that evil thing with large wings and nasty eyes come after a brother and sister who are travelling through a highway almost in the middle of nowhere.

The Haunting in The Connecticut (2009)

An American psychological thriller produced in 2009, The Haunting in the Connecticut is based on the story of a dark place possessed by a demonic spirit that haunts the land and makes lives miserable of the people residing at that place especially targeting the weaker and the sick ones like the eldest son of the family shown in the movie. It can be taken as a roller coaster showing terrifying fictitious happenings that are quite enough to make your blood run dry of fear.


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